Worldlings: Tales of Tiny Gods
Worldlings: Tales of Tiny Gods
Worldlings: Tales of Tiny Gods
Worldlings: Tales of Tiny Gods
Worldlings: Tales of Tiny Gods

Worldlings: Tales of Tiny Gods

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WORLDLINGS is a lore book of animistic gods for your Cairn, Into the Odd and 5e games.

It describes adorable spirits that inhabit the wilderness, the Worldlings. Each is the shepherd of a small corner of nature. Their combined power can have a huge impact on civilization as they compete for resources. This is where an adventuring party may be called for assistance. 


  • 12 tiny gods, each with rituals, hiding places, clues, and faction details
  • Lore that you sprinkle into any setting
  • 12 summoned beings and 5 dangerous polluted beings that Worldlings rally to do their bidding
  • Wilderwoods mini hex-crawl with 12 points of interest
  • 4 biome mystery generators to kick off your adventures

Also Included

  • Legends of Worldlings - Pamphlet of story hooks involving Worldlings written by A.J. Montague
  • Wilderwoods map by Jim Hall
  • Worldlings Paper Minis with art by Okro
  • Wilderwoods tile pack for use in your own projects
  • Original Okro artwork and concept art


Jim Hall - Writing, Layout, Map - Jim is a jack-of-all-trades who founded Brooklet Games. He specializes in illustration and writing but also does layout, marketing, and publishing. He releases monthly zines on Patreon and can be found on Twitter

A.J. Montague - Writing, Editing - When not working her day job as a librarian, A.J. Montague can be found cuddled up with a good book. She recently took up writing short TTRPG adventures to scratch her creative itch and celebrate her favorite genre, fantasy.

Okro - Cover art, Interior Illustration - Okro draws traditional illustrations and makes collages. She works with many materials: watercolors, colored pencils, markers, stamps, adhesive tapes, stickers and etc. She brings the Worldlings to life. 

Brian Yohe - Layout for Summoned and Polluted Beings - Brian is a graphic designer by trade and has worked with Jim on several projects. He enjoys making intriguing themed MTG commander decks and playing the modular synthesizer.