Fabien's Atelier
Fabien's Atelier
Fabien's Atelier

Fabien's Atelier

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The magic in his flying island sputters and fades. Brave adventurers will enter the wizard’s floating workshop and unravel its mysteries before catastrophic failure sends the island crashing down to earth.

From the pages of Brad Kerr’s anthology WYVERN SONGS, Fabien’s Atelier is a fantasy adventure module updated for the role-playing game Cairn.

  • An escape room-style puzzle dungeon.
  • The standalone sequel to Hideous Daylight.
  • Play-test time: ~3 hours. Perfect for a one-shot or convention game.
  • Includes player and GM map files for virtual tabletop usage
  • Print version available from fine online retailers.
  • Art by Amanda Lee Franck
  • Cartography by Rob Matthews

You can pick up the companion module Hideous Daylight from the Cairn store, as well as  the universally-praised Demon Driven to the Maw. To see more of Brad's work click here