Escape The City
Escape The City
Escape The City
Escape The City
Escape The City

Escape The City

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The Zealous Order of Kol Ban Ri has spread its influence in the region surrounding the island city of Wotta Rue. Some have followed the Order willingly, some have been somehow charmed or manipulated into it, and still, others have been frozen in place by a cruel spell. Tonight, Wotta Rue was overrun by frothing zealots on a quest to purify and convert the city for Kol Ban Ri. The four bridges leading out of the city are each guarded by a different mysterious foe.


This zine is a generator that creates a dangerous crawl across a zealot-filled city as you play. As you move, you will learn secrets about the dangerous bridge guards blocking the only bridges out.


- 24-page full-color zine
- Designed for Cairn and 5e. 1-4 players (Level 3 for 5e).
- Supports GMless and solo play
- Uses a standard playing card deck to generate locations and encounters
- Includes unique Secrets mechanic that describes the bridge guard as you play
- Random tables, oracles, bestiary, and NPCs


Using oracles and the card-based location/encounter/secrets system You can play without a scheming game master. Someone still has to keep track of initiative, HP, etc, but the storytelling comes out of the game mechanics.


Jim Hall - Writer and Illustrator
A.J. Montague - Copy Editor